The Walking Wounded…

sad, depressed, pensive

many of us
are the walking wounded

deep scars, putrid sores
unseen by naked eyes,

yet bandaged
we hobble along,

our smiles
hiding the wince beneath.




9 thoughts on “The Walking Wounded…

  1. So true. We hide our pain from others or general society. I suppose if we were to wear our pain on our sleeves we would not be able to function. At least in American Society a high ideal is placed on always being happy, healthy, well kinda like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. If someone in your family dies of course you get the five 5 days of Funeral Leave from your job but you are expected to immediately bounce back and never speak of your loss. You know like a painted Barbie doll keep that smile on your face. Any type of loss must be faced like a trooper. Lost your house. Smile. Lost your job and about to get evicted from your home. Smile. Dying from a disease. Smile. Lost your child to illness, disease or drugs. Smile. Like smiling cures every ache and pain or your life. Our Western society does not acknowledge suffering unless the story has a happy ending and we all know that many stories don’t have happy endings.

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