Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Simple Pleasures. ..

Instead of oooohing and aaaahing, it was more like hmming and more hmming last night when I submitted my back to my daughter for some home therapy and massage.

She kneeded my bunched up expansive back and neck muscles with eucalyptus oil and that sent me to sleep.

Then the deep ooooh’s and aaaah’s was emitted over today’s decadent breakfast of hash browns, pancakes, omelette, bacon and a hot cup of Karak Chai. Life is sweet with food 😉

I shamelessly indulged in every single calorie-laden bite with gratitude to God.

Truly, the best things in life that make us ooooh and aaaah are simple pleasures and a lot of times they are homemade.

© Jacqueline

Thank you to Dan our moderator and weekend host for the interesting prompt ‘Ooooh aaaah,’ for today’s SoCS.

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12 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures. ..

    1. I equally suffer from back pains and other body aches that I had to engage anyone near me now and again to help alleviate it with a massage. I can’t afford the luxury of professional massage right now.


  1. You are so right … the simple pleasures have the most value. Sometimes just a smile is worth more than anything! Hugs, my friend … I have been negligent in reading blogs of late, but am truly going to try to get more efficient. There just are not enough hours in the day!!! 🙂

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      1. I find that the older I get, the shorter the days seem. Last time I was ‘bored’, I was 10 years old. I get so annoyed with people posting on social media how bored they are. I want to say, “fine, give me those hours so i can get my work done, and you just go on to bed and sleep your life away!” As I have heard said before, “youth is wasted on the young”!!! Hugs, my friend!


  2. Oh i love a good massage! After living in Thailand for three years and being able to afford a massage at least once a week (they are very cheap in Thailand), i got used to the relief they used to bring me. Since living in Spain, I am lucky enough to get regular massages from my boyfriend and often he will rub my feet for me whilst watching Tv 🙂 Yes, the pleasures in my life are also simple – home cooked food, toast and coffee and fresh juice in the morning at the weekend, a glass of wine in the sun, time spent with friends and family…
    Have a lovely weekend Jacqueline!
    – Carly


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