ReBel Against The Label – REdefine You.

Break free and redefine yourself. Indoctrination and self-limiting labels stop us from reaching our greatest potentials because our focus is on that label and categories assigned to us, leading to a limiting singular self-definition.

To break free from these set parameters most times means rebelling against societal norms.  It means taking the higher road on your journey to self-discovery and success.

If you are in search of ways to be the best you that are meant to be, to increase your productivity, live the life of your dreams, reach for your greatness and abundance, this is a space that you can visit anytime to get realistic, step by step tools on how to gain control of your life and to achieve your aspirations.

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12 thoughts on “ReBel Against The Label – REdefine You.

  1. I am so glad I found your post, and I enjoyed and really benefited from your video. Did you make that video just today? If so, that’s amazing! Your exploration of the topic of labels was so well done and it was inspirational, as well.

    I’ve dealt with some labels throughout my life, but some of the hardest ones I’ve had to break free from were “woman with mental illness” and “woman without a job because she is on disability”. But I still have a mental illness and am still on disability, but I’ve put those labels in their place. Just side facts, not major descriptions of who I really am as a person. Because as you said, we are so many things.

    People that really know me and love me know that I have many interesting facets to my being. You’re right that everyone does. Let’s all put the main emphasis on the ones that really matter to us. The best ones.

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    1. It’s simply annoying with all the labelling. I am glad that you’ve moved your focus on those and things that are important. Those who truly care, love you for who you are and those who don’t, don’t matter. Glad that you find the video useful and yes indeed, I made it yesterday afternoon 🙂

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