Voilà- Echoes of my neighbourhood

My echoes of the week have been between slow running through life and fast sprinting to catch up with time trying to keep the loose ends tied up.

A better part of my week has been spent at Alliance Francaise, Dubai. I have a French Translation proficiency test for a program that I am considering and my French is getting a bit rusty from insufficient use;

donc j’ai decidé d’aller à l’Alliance pour quelques jours pour faire un peu d’immersion (therefore, I decided to go to Alliance for a couple of days for intensive catch up).

I am partial to things French and since I can’t go to France right now, let me enjoy the ambiance of little French around me.

Back to class. What are you up to?

Bon journée

10 thoughts on “Voilà- Echoes of my neighbourhood

  1. Love this stroll through your neighborhood. I’d like to share a short series of Trail Talks that I made yesterday at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens when it was a balmy gorgeous 60 degrees outside. Now today the temps have dropped to 30 degrees and it was snowing. NYC weather is bi-polar or maybe it’s Global Warming. Anyway back to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens Exploration.

    Hope that you enjoy. https://roamingurbangypsy.com/2017/03/09/brooklyn-botanic-garden-mild-winter-day/

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