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It’s Party Time. Come Right In πŸ’ƒπŸ’•πŸŽΆπŸŒ­πŸΉπŸ»πŸπŸ°πŸ¦πŸΏπŸ“»

It’s almost unbelievable how fast time seems to fly by these days. Is it just me? Another month end blog party already.

I would like to thank my new blog friends and welcome them to our warm gathering.

You are most welcomeΒ do makeΒ yourself comfortable and other up something tall and cool to drink πŸ™‚

RefreshmentsΒ and favours are nicely arranged down the page. Feel free to indulge, these are zero calories πŸ˜‰

JustΒ some little party rules:

  1. You must mix and mingle with others. Don’t be a wallflower. Go say hello to someone and you can participate in the Tag a poem, a thought or quote below.
  2. Let us know where you are blogging from.
  3. Β Please leave your blog link or post link in the comment box below along with introductions.
  4. It’s one link per comment, but come back as often as you’d like, that way it’s easier to focus on a link at a time for others.
  5. Please reblog, spread the word of the party like butter, or like, share on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, etc. Tell your family, friends, Β blogging neighbours, even your blogging pets.
  6. Have fun, it’s a great way to find bloggers and have them find you.
  7. Please show some love. Reblog this post. It helps all of us! The more people that see and participate in it, the more potential new follows! So, share and share voraciously!

There we have it. Since all the rules have been clearly explained, have fun and make the most of it :-)

Thank you for coming to my party and supporting my blog. You rock.

We are Creating a Peace and Love Chain, so please add your little piece. Thank you.

I blog from Dubai and to the love and peace chain, I start with:

To Love is to be at Peace.

For tranquility, harmony, goodwill

understanding, and union

are benefits borne

from the active emotions of love.

***You can continue…

Crack These Simple Riddles Below πŸ˜‰

  1. A horse is tied to a rope that’s five meters long. There’s a barn filled with hay 6 meters away, yet the horse can get up and eat the hay whenever he wants. How’s that possible?
  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a big one, Michael j fox has a small one, Madonna doesn’t have one, The Pope has one but he never uses it, Bill Clinton Has one and he uses it all the time!
    What is it?…



168 thoughts on “It’s Party Time. Come Right In πŸ’ƒπŸ’•πŸŽΆπŸŒ­πŸΉπŸ»πŸπŸ°πŸ¦πŸΏπŸ“»

      1. Hey there you are…couldn’t see you through the crowd!! So I guess you’re out partying on a Saturday night too!! Once again great food, drinks and friends!! Jackie’s the best at party-hosting!! πŸ™‚

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      2. Hi,Deb!It’s a pleasure to meet you here,I am sure the party is pretty fun and you must had a great time.I am surely going to check your blog right away!Thank you for your valuable comment.:)

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  1. Hey Jackie! thanks for hosting such a nice party πŸ™‚
    Umm… where to start… Let me introduce myself: I’m Amruta, blogging from India.

    Answers to the puzzles:
    1. Maybe the horse’s rear leg is tied to the rope, so you know, he’s stretching towards the barn and eating the hay πŸ™‚
    2. Surname

    Here’s a link to my blog:
    Please do check it out and show some love. I’ve just made some changes to my theme. :):)

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      1. Oh, you’re such a great hostess! With a toddler in tow, i generally dont get much time on weekends, but i’ll make sure i’ll attend your parties now onwards. They’re fun:)

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    1. Hi Amruta, so very nice to meet you! Just dropped by and read your most beautiful post about Home Sweet Home…really resonates with me at the moment! So happy you came to the party and I look forward to visiting again. My name is Deb and my site is
      stop by sometime, would love to have you!! I’m off to mingle some more, enjoy!! πŸ™‚

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      1. Wow! Hey Deb, just visited your site and i loved the concept of being thankful for something each day. we always complain about how life is unfair. But your posts shows how beauiful it is to live every day and explore new miracles of life. Followed you just now. Will come back again to get more of your positivity πŸ™‚

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      2. Oh thanks Amruta for stopping by, for the follow and for your kind words!! Please stop by anytime…I look forward to reading more of your posts too. πŸ™‚

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      1. Thank you for passing by and leaving such a kind comment.
        I checked out your blog and read a couple of things, you’re a wonderful woman !!
        I would love and appreciate your thoughts and feedback on my featured posts.
        Have a great Sunday❀️❀️
        Take care!

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  2. First of all, thank you Jacqueline for your hospitality. Everything looks wonderful! Sorry I haven’t been by for one of these in a while, I’ll try to do better!!!
    My name is michelle and I blog from Norton, Ohio (which is close to Akron.) My blog is about my wellness journey. I struggle mightily with food (OK, junk food!) so this is my way of trying to hold myself accountable. I know I’m not the only on this journey and I’d love to hear about yours as well! Stop by and give me a holler!

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  3. Real nice party, Jackie. Thanks for inviting me!

    I blog from Layton, Utah, a noisy suburb of Salt Lake City because of the air force Base. It’s been extremely hot over here as we’re experiencing a heat wave and a dry spell for the past month. Yep, not a drop of rain in the month of July.

    You can find me at my blog, This is Another Story.

    I believe the answer to the first riddle is that the rope is tied around one of the horse’s hind legs and a horse is usually big and therefore, even when the horse is short one meter, it can still reach the hay no problem.
    The second riddle just cracks me up but I agree with previous comments, the answer is surname.

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  4. Hi everyone! I’m Lisa, a 30-something from El Paso,Texas. My blog is called Life of an El Paso Woman. I blog about the people and places in El Paso, life, current events, etc. Thank you for inviting me to your awesome party, Jacqueline, I tweeted it. The link to my blog is: It’s great to meet everyone here! I’m going to go look around at some blogs and mingle a bit. The food and drinks are delicious!

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      1. So true, Jacquie! I’ve been mingling around so much, I haven’t gotten over to you to say thank you again for such a great site and great interactive party!


  5. GoodMorning (for me) I’m Mandi from Edmonton, Alberta. I’m happy you have cupcakes I grabbed a couple different chocolate ones to try with some fruit. A great breakfast lol. Thank you so much for hosting Jacqueline. I intend to check-out some other blogs in a moment. First, here is a link to my blog. I have just finished #wordhighjuly. Pilipino word prompts each day. So I think i will share a poem from one of those:

    Just a little one here. But I like it πŸ™‚ Off to browse.

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      1. Hi Jacqueline. Your party seems to be going strong already. Will try to stop by again depending on the day πŸ™‚

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  6. Reblogged this on Mandibelle16 and commented:
    Please Join Me at JAcqueline of A Cooking Pot And Twisted Tales, blogger party. Have some food and drinks, post your link, reblog about the party, and meet new Blogger’s!


  7. Hello Jacqueline and all of you fellow bloggers πŸ™‚

    Thanks for holding this turn of the month party πŸ™‚ It is always great to meet with new writers!! Like last month, the link I’d like to share isn’t mine, but that of a dear friend… This particular post is a recalling of childhood memories, I hope you’ll give it a “click” πŸ˜‰

    Nice sharing day to everyone πŸ™‚

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      1. Awww… thank you so much Lydia!! Denmark is indeed a wonderful country… I love it deeply, especially after my visit there. I’m happy you’ve enjoyed your time in my universe, I’ll make sure to visit yours too!

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  8. Jacqueline, you always host the best parties! I have always met some great new blogging friends here! If anyone is interesting in checking my blog out, you can find me at I talk about living with chronic pain and illness and how I don’t let it define me.

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  9. Phew, made it! Wow, thought I was going to be late! I managed to pick up a bottle at the corner store – hope this one’s okay? I’ll just put it on that table…huh? oh, sorry, Mick, from yes, we’ve met before. hey! Lots of people here! That’s great! Ooh, I’ve not met you before…Hi, I’m Mick! Really? Pleased to meet you, too! Yeah, really, and the dog. No, he’s really cute, honest – just get him off my leg, could you? Thanks…oh, the riddles? first one – the horse is tied to one end but the other is loose, perhaps? The second? No idea…something rude, I suspect. I’ll just get a drink and circulate. Ooh, those look tasty! Did you make them?

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  10. Hi everyone! Can’t wait to get to know you all. I’m blogging from South Carolina and my blog is about love, relationships, etc.; and I write fiction stories. You can check it out here-

    Jacqueline, thanks for hosting these parties. They are a blast! I’ve mentioned you in a post and tried to send you a pingback but I guess it didn’t work. Lol! Thanks again! πŸ’œ

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  11. I barely made it! I have only thirty minutes use of this library computer, so I must make my party time short. Good to browse through the gang, however. Leaving my greetings with everyone. I sure I can survive without the food fare – I can, but I don’t like to! πŸ˜€

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  12. Hi Jackie, thank you for hosting yet another sensational party! Delicious food, tasty drinks and as always wonderful old and new friends!!
    Hi everyone I’m Deb and I’m from Massachusetts, where we have been having a fabulous summer!! It’s so fun to meet you all, my posts vary, I love to write poems and songs, I have a Daily Grateful Post where I express my gratitude daily and invite you to join in. I’m going through Menopause and am trying to keep my sens of humor about it…but some days….well…
    Anyways pop on over if you have a chance, leave a gratitude or just be happy!! Thanks.

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  13. As always, great party! Thanks for the invite, Jacqueline! Sorry I am arriving so late, but better late than never, yes? Great cheese and crackers … the champagne was gone by the time I got here, but the wine is wonderful. Great bunch of people, also! I am blogging from the U.S. Tonight I would like to invite everyone to read one of my more upbeat posts about a very happy reunion: And now I must go mingle some more. Thanks again … I may pop in again tomorrow!

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    1. Oh darn, I was going to grab a glass of champagne. Since there’s none left, do you mind pouring me a glass of wine? I’m making a little plate with goodies, I’ll make you one too πŸ™‚

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  14. Hi everyone! So nice to meet you! I’m stopping by from Arizona this month. Jacqueline, I must say you’ve got quite the setup! I’ll just make a little plate to indulge in as I mingle. Thank you for being such a generous hostess!

    I see there’s a love and peace chain so I thought kindness would be an appropriate link for the chain. Kindness comes from a place of love and makes the way for peace to follow. I’m sharing a link for the Facebook community I’m working to build that focuses on showcasing kindness. You can find the details here-

    It’s so nice to stop by, I’ll just grab a drink and take a look around ❀

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  15. Oh where are my manners?! Thank you Jackie for the invitation although I’ve barely made it. Hey everyone! πŸ˜„ since I’m among the last to pop in and such a foodie I’ll see what’s still left.

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  16. This is my first time at a party like this. I started my blog in Boston MA, but last year I moved to the SF Bay Area and now I blog from Silicon Valley. I studied how the brain develops, and I teach middle school biology part-time. I write about science fiction, geocaching, and nature photography.

    Thanks for having the party! It is fascinating to meet so many people from around the world.


    1. Hey Suzanne! I followed you over here from your post, so I’m one of those uninvited hanger-on-ers at the party. But I brought a fruitcake, because who doesn’t love fruitcake? I’m Johanna and I’m from the United States. I blog about my fiction writing, knitting, parenting, and random things that make me laugh. My blog is called Afthead and if you don’t know what an afthead is, well, you can learn here: Thanks for the awesome party Jacqueline. It was nice to meet you and your guests!

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  17. Sorry to be late to the party Jacqueline, but it’s an awesome way to find all these wonderful bloggers, no matter the time. Wow!!! What a lovely crowd! πŸ™‚
    My name is Donna, I’ve blogged for almost 3 years, here’s one from my archives that’s made me want to rewatch the movie,
    In my little corner of Canada we’ve had sun and now a lovely and needed rain.
    Thanks again for the delightful party, and hope everyone has a wonder-filled week ahead! πŸ™‚


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