When You Want To Go Far…

The funny African proverb that says ‘when we all piss together it foams’ comes to my mind as I write this post.

Another one equally states that ‘when you want to go fast, you go alone, but if you want to go very far, you go with others.’

For the first time, I will be hosting a blog party (Valentine Shindig) and hopefully, from then I will continue hosting a monthly blog-hop meet ups to encourage newbies as well as the older ones to mingle and develop a cohesive community.

I sent out feelers to feel the pulse of my readers and not only has the response been awesome but the support as well and I cannot fail but to express my appreciation.

A good number of lovely bloggers have shown their support and encouragement to me by re-blogging and tweeting my invitation and posts in this regard and it totally fills me with a sense of gratitude and joy.

There is no way that I would be able to do it by myself or to cover as much ground if not for the generosity and support that I have received from a good number of you.

I am thankful and indeed grateful to have supportive friends in this community and as is said in my place ‘the fowl does not forget the person that allowed her to roost by her fireplace during the raining season. ‘During your rainy days, may you find a warm fireplace to roost.’

You can join Colline’sΒ  or Maria Jansson gratitude challenge platforms.

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Image: Quotesgram.com

8 thoughts on “When You Want To Go Far…

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