Let’s Have ‘An I Love You’ Party…


We are approaching the commercial month of love, though I am of the opinion that love should be a practiced existential part of our everyday lives. Sometimes, I kinda feel that the commercializing of valentine is a bit much, but that’s just my opinion.

Why don’t we have a lovely, lovey-dovey blog hopping party weekend :0))

If you are interested, I can be the hostess. Just sending out feelers.

There will be lots of candles and flowers, cakes and chocolates too *at least virtually* and we can share loads of links to our soppy love stories – non-fiction or fiction, poems, lyrical prose, pictures etc.

Posts that tugs at the heartstrings, ย plasters smiles on our faces and makes you bring out your scented tissue box.

Let’s make it a date ‘cos I am falling in love with you ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you think it’s a worthwhile idea, please indicate below.

I will be re-blogging this post till the Valentine weekend.

Please do share if you can and invite others. The more the merrier.


ยฉ Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

105 thoughts on “Let’s Have ‘An I Love You’ Party…

  1. This is a beautiful idea. Though my sister and Dad don’t blog, I still screamed at the top of my voice. Yes! Yes! Yes! Let’s party!

    Who else would be a better hostess? You gat the biggest cooking pot around here.

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  2. Hello Jacques,
    I hope you remember me. This is a superb idea and an excellent way to spread the love. I’ll soon write something and then will share it here. Thanks for the love. Also, I’ve started a column on my blog ‘ a new friend ‘. Do visit it. I hope you’ll like it. And if you do, please participate.

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